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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Island Thunder


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Ah. Play.com say its supposed to be ?40 here in the UK, which did suggest standalone to me too, I just thought ?15 was far too little for that.


Since I don't have the original Ghost Recon, but fancied a CSalike that I can play with the headset, this looks a bargain.

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All trade-in'able games were traded in for KOTOR. Rainbow6, XVIII and CS have me stoked for FPS's, so I dunno.


The thing is, the demo on last month's OXM got me fired up for GRIT.


Is the number really at three, or are more people interested? Man, we've got ESPN Football coming up, too.



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Silent Hill 2 was a terrific game. I had never played the first - but was totally engrossed with part 2. It was one of the few games that really did scare me while I was playing.


And number 3 looks to be even more warped. I'm with you - 2 weeks should be enough time to get through KOTOR.

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I don't think they've advertised on the backs of comic books for probably twenty years now.


Please, I would hope everybody currently posting in this forum read comics from twenty years ago ;). Even I remember those crappy subscription pledge things and I would've been like five at the time :P.

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Yes, the AI has been greatly improved. There are also a lot more weapons to choose from including better sniper rifles. :D The friends list I'm sad to say hasn't been touched. You still have no idea what game other people are playing. Playing with Dvdguru we encountered some lock ups and dissconnects. So far I've only played Co-op trying to learn the maps so I can't comment on spawn camping. We did discover a very nice home theater system in a house we came across. It had a Pioneer widescreen set (it looked the same as mine) as well as a Pioneer Elite receiver and dvd player with a 5.1 setup.

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