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Mission Impossible for Xbox - Help....


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ok. i was just on the level where you have to follow the woman (sofia) as she enters a military compound. the game suggests using the WASP device to trail her to see where she goes; once you've done that, you have to catch up to her on foot.


so i did what the game said and used the WASP and then tried entering the compound both the way sofa entered as well as by the back way (microcording up and over the wall right behind you when you start the level), and both ways i got stopped by the second of the two gates she passes through.


i played this level for hours and couldn't for the life of me figure out how to get past the second gate; after (frustratedly) checking out a walkthrough for the PS2 version on gamefaqs (there was no Xbox FAQ), one which didn't really make sense to me, i restarted the level and just jumped the wall right off the bat, and didn't use the WASP at all, and then simply waited for sofia to walk through the inner gate, and just passed through the gate right behind her.


i'm just wondering if there's another way to get past that f$#%*ng gate, because one of my basic gameplaying assumptions is that games won't let you progress beyond a certain point if you've done something that makes it impossible for you to continue past the next puzzle, you know? but since i can't for the life of me figure out how to get past the inner gate without NOT using the WASP (in direct contradiction to what the game says to do), i fear i may have to abandon my assumption....


i mean, i would tranq all of the guards and wander around over and over and over again, rtying to lift up all the manhole-covers, flying WASPs hither and thither, try all the doors again and again, etc.. talk about maddening (it doesn't help that i'm not all that bright, either).


anyone solved this another way?


thanks, and sorry for the long, boring story....


- jd

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