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Any fans of MI-5 here?

Mark E

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Just curious if anybody else here is a fan of MI-5, or Spooks as it's known in Britain. It's been airing on A&E, but I just picked up the first season boxset a week or so ago and have been going through the episodes. For me the show runs circles around 24, which is the closest American counterpart (that most people would be aware of) I can think of.


I am utterly biased because I love British TV in general when compared to what we get (don't start me on Canadian programming :P), but the show's really well written and it has the types of moral and ethical minefields that you'd expect a group like this to deal with. They use actual terrorist groups and such, so they square off against the IRA, etc, not some made-up soundalike.


Fantastic little gem of a show, the whole set (six eps) is worth it for the first two episodes, since the first sets things up quite nicely and the second is one amazingly taut hour with a fantastic "holy shit!" ending.

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Plus, for Joss Whedon fans, Tony Head is in one episode.


Spooks is pretty good fun; I keep meaning to give it a proper watch, rather than just catching the odd episode. In terms of style, it also feels quite close to the obscure gem Ultraviolet (only without the fantasy element, obviously).

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I'm a huge fan of this show... I remember seeing the promos on A&E (the music actually was what caught my attention) and to be honest I only really checked it out because they put it on Tuesday nights, and there's never anything good on Tuesdays.


I've seen all 6 episodes so I didn't rush out and order the box set. As a matter of fact I didn't know it was on DVD until a few days after it was released, when someone mentioned it over at the HTF. I will get it though for the extras and also 'just to have it'. I haven't seen it in a store yet so when I do, I'll pick it up.

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