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Links LCVG TOUR #4 is here!


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Hey everybody,


The Links game patch is now available & MS seems to have XSN sports stable & working again.



It's time for some more golf!!


Here's the info:



Password: 1318516


Play begins in 4 days (2/20/04) & will run until 3/23/04.

(for some reason I couldn't change the ending date)


Let's have some fun!

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I've signed up :D


Howie, from the link that Calvin posted, click on the XSN logo on the top of the page and select join competition from the Links page. Enter in the tourney name LCVG Tour 4 and you should be able to join from there.


Let us know if you still have trouble.

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Howie, I have completed my career in Links 2004 on intermediate with around 65 skill points. It is alot harder to earn $$ when you can only win it online!

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A little help please ...


I signed up online at xsnsports.com. I am in the list for the tournament. I go into Links on my Xbox and click Multiplayer -> Xbox Live -> [select my Intermediate Player] -> Select my Account and sign into xbox live. I select the XSN SPORTS option and only get the "New Tournament" option. Is our tournament supposed to show up there? What am I missing ... something stupid probably?


Appreciate the help,


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