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Internet Restriction apps?

Gary P

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If you need a good, multi-user solution in an environment with a few PC's (i.e. you're doing it for work, or you have a lot of computers in your home, or multiple users who need different rule sets), I would reccomend trying SquidGuard. If you aren't familiar with setting up *nix, I'd recommend using Smoothwall or IPCop and reading this HOWTO for quick info on installing SquidGuard on them. You can get a computer capable of running it dedicated for fairly cheap (the hardware requirements are next-to-nothing), if you don't have any *nix machines already or old unused hardware you could put it on.


An advantage to this method is not only is it extemely powerful and customizable, but it's also much harder to bypass than an arbitrary piece of software installed locally on a machine.

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