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I was reading the reviews for this game at GameSpot and I learned for the first time that the PS2 version will have online co-op and adversarial modes!



In addition to a stellar single-player game that will take you in the neighborhood of 10 to 15 hours to complete, the game has a very interesting multiplayer component. With the exception of the competitive arena mode, the game's multiplayer is cooperative. So your team of two will have to work together to achieve the goals. Some of this is as simple as hitting two buttons simultaneously to open a door or gate, but it gets more complex as you move along. This definitely adds a very different aspect to the game, and it works really, really well. The co-op game can be played in three different modes. Cooperative mode is the basic "finish the mission" mode. Race puts your mission up against a clock. Scramble puts a score into the mix, and though you're still cooperating with the other players, you're also trying to achieve the highest score. Arena is a pure competitive mode that pits you against your fellow agents and allows up to four players. It's a nice addition, though the co-op is really much, much better. On top of that, the arena missions are locked initially, and you'll have to play the cooperative mode to unlock arena levels.


.....The online play option is a really nice touch that adds a little more replay depth to an already option-heavy game.


I was leaning towards picking up the XBOX version of the game, but the online aspect is very appealling. GS also went on to say that the differences between the versions is fairly small..

Graphically, James Bond has never looked better. Though previous games have gotten Pierce Brosnan's likeness, this rendition of the actor looks more lifelike. Even the PlayStation 2 version has a crispness to its textures and models that you don't normally expect from the system. The other platforms, as you might expect, look a little bit cleaner, but the differences between versions are really quite minimal. The game moves at a good, smooth speed and frame rate, with the lone exception being a few of the game's effects-heavy cutscenes. Specifically, when you see Bond jumping a motorcycle through a waterfall or riding while things are exploding around him, the frame rate and movement are less than optimal. And you'll occasionally see some weird movement or clipping when using the rappel device. But these are minor things in light of how great the rest of the game looks.


Now I'm leaning toward the PS2. Anyone else interested in this game???




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Originally posted by Pharmboy@Feb 16 2004, 04:11 PM

A good coop mode definitely makes me interested.


Is it just the PS2 version that has this?


Co-op can save anything, really. I'd have never played the PS2 Half-Life without the co-op mode they tossed in there :).

Well, Yes and No.


If you meant if the PS2 was the only one that had online play, then refer to Romier's answer. :D


But if you meant whether the PS2 was the only version that had Co-Op, then no. They all have it with split-screen.

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My copy should be here tomorrow or Friday. I ordered directly from the EA Store (Thanks Carlos!).


I went with the Xbox version, for better graphics & smoother framerate (as evidenced by a few reviews). I could care less about the online aspect in the PS2 version. After playing CoN, I could care less about the online aspects of the PS2. It's just a pain in the butt to work with next to Xbox Live.


The demo of 007:EoN I really enjoyed. I'm really looking forward to the full version now.

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I could care less about the online aspect in the PS2 version. After playing CoN, I could care less about the online aspects of the PS2.


So you do care? :P


How did you like the action sequences in the game, of what you've seen? Does it suggest that it would be extremely repetitive? I read that all the shooting is done via Auto-Aim (:roll:), so I was a little disappointed about that.

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So you do care?

What I should have said was that I could care less about PS2 online gaming in general. It's just so haphazard, and isn't as cohesive an experience as Xbox Live. Yeah, XBL has spoiled me.


How did you like the action sequences in the game, of what you've seen?

Well, it was a short level that was included on the demo, but it was fun. Lots of action, and the rappeling parts were cool.


Does it suggest that it would be extremely repetitive?

Hmm, if they intersperse the car/bike scenes between action levels (which I heard they have) then my guess is that it won't seem repetitive at all. Plus there are stealth missions as well (a la Splinter Cell) from what I've read too.


I read that all the shooting is done via Auto-Aim

Well, no not exactly. You "lock-on" to enemies, and shoot them, but you can change what your aiming at by using the right thumbstick. So you can aim for different parts of the body.

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Thanks for the comments, Chris!



What I should have said was that I could care less about PS2 online gaming in general. It's just so haphazard, and isn't as cohesive an experience as Xbox Live. Yeah, XBL has spoiled me.


Hoo boy. That's not what I meant. I was being a bit of a grammar/ correct usage whore. I was joking that you said, "I could care less" when you meant "I couldn't care less". ;)


Just ignore me.

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I?ve been a big fan of 007 games since Goldeneye (who hasn?t?..), and I?ve been looking forward to this new style to mix the franchise up a bit. I?ve owned Nightfire since it came out and have yet to play through the first level :oops: I think I?ll either give this game a rent, or wait till the price comes down before picking it up. As for the platform, probably Xbox as I have no desire to hook my PS2 to broadband yet.

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Since RS3, online co-op has become a big selling point for me, so I'll be considering 007:EON for the PS2. While PS2 online has a few problems, I don't think they are particularly worse than Xbox Live's failings. There is sometimes a need to schedule a "where and when" PS2 game as opposed to Xbox's Friends list and I wish Chat was a more universal option, but connections are often more solid and it seems there are, naturally, more gamers to choose from. I never have trouble finding "a" opponent to play, but finding my "chosen" opponent might require a small effort. A game that is playable online gets the nod more often than not, whether it's PS2 or Xbox, and that aspect trumps graphics everytime. Or, as in the case of NFL Street, I'll just buy both versions.

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Just spent 3 solid hours with the title.


First things first. For the Home Theatre whores, there is, sadly, no progressive output. It claims so in the box, but 480i was all I got on my Panny HD set. THX Certified 5.1 sound is present, however. The lack of progscan didn't bother me any. It doesn't quite look top-notch-XBOX sharp, but consistency in style, attention to detail and general atmosphere render that irrelevant. The game looks convincing (extending to the well-directed cutscenes) and all the characters are instantly recognizable from thier flesh-and-blood counterparts. The women will make you drool.


I believe there is 16:9 mode. 4:3 looked vertically compressed on my screen. Bond looked midly anorexic.


Anyway, the game.


Bond games have always tried to infuse some movie-ness - a sense that you're not merely playing the game, but are a part of the movie. First startup reveals no menu screen, instead thrusting you straight into the quintessential Bond opening - an illegal transcation bust, this time an explosive suitcase. Always the party pooper, him. It acts as the quick combat tutorial mission, and after the mandatory explosions you're treated to the real Bond opening of sexy song and dance.


So far so good.


A couple of other tutorial missions and I'm ready for battle. Most people here know I'm an obsessive controls-whore, and I was most apprehensive about this prior to purchase. Yes, Bond does move with the typical third-person shooter clumsiness (think of the camera in the console GTA games) and you do fumble with auto-targeting regularly. It's nowhere as good as Max Payne 2. But on the flip-side, you get a "Bond-Sense" mode that acts awfully like spidey's abilities. You can freeze the action and inspect the environment for secrets, enemy locations, and it even gives you the option to lock-on to them. However, targets are sometimes out of range and you end up with more fumbling. The button to disable this mode is also unintuitive - it's not the same one that activates it and I always end up trying to shoot people with my R/C car.


The shooting isn't entirely mind-numbing. You must use the dreaded lock-on, yes, but within the target lock you can use the right analog stick to improve your aim within that reticle to score head shots or non-lethal shots. Otherwise Bond points at the belly (as if it wouldn't be enough to incapacitate a foe...)


Like spidey, Bond also has a very neat wall-rappel trick that lets you launch off walls and cliffs and climb them with the ease of our red and blue spandex-loving mutant. Nice way to break up the action!


This game hasn't felt repetitive one bit, something I can't say about most action games (ahem, Halo :P ). There's plenty of seemingly open-ended driving, biking, and helicopter flying. There's the optional (thank goodness) steath elements, but they can earn you Bond moments as described in the GSpot review. Add to that gorgeous, exotic locales, some different outfits, and plenty of well-directed cutscenes and you've got a very, very solid experience. Not to mention plenty of interesting scripted events and secrets to uncover.


Some interesting details:


- Upon the completion of the first mission, you have to find a "hole in the wall" to escape. Being the twit I am, I spent 10 minutes fumbling and revisiting every nook and cranny - except the one I'm supposed to go. The game has a subtle "reminder" system. First, it repeats the objective: "escape via the hole in the wall". It does this a few times, and if you still don't get the message the camera swings over to the exit. Brilliant!


- Co-Op is the one everyone wants to know about. You partner up with another agent (neither of whom are recognizable cast) and head into missions different from the Single-Player. I've only played the first one, but there are some interesting elements like having both agents hit a switch simultaneously to open doors. Neat! Lots of action, unlimited respawns and both players are graded at the end of the level. Not bad at all! Oh, and no discernible slow-down. All the hiding behind walls and boxes also makes it feel an awful lot like a Time Crisis game.


- The missions, so far, have all been short. But this is necessary, for it gives no option to save mid-game.


- The A.I. is top notch. They move around, they take plenty of cover, they aim well and they even dodge rockets (yes, rockets).


- Vehicle controls are typical EA. Think of the earlier Need for Speeds (prior to the abysmal Underground, IMHO) and you've got the right idea. Pretty tight, but very video-gamey too. I don't mind. This is a Bond game, not a racing game. The R/C car and the spider bomb move with a fluidity that's very rare.


- Difficulty: A tad on the hard side. If I don't fumble with aiming and camera as often as I do, I could probably tackle Medium. As of now, I'm sticking to easy.


- I know I've made a slight fuss about the camera, but it's really not that bad. It's better than the GTA games by a good margin and most people are fine with the way Tommy hustles. The rest of the experience, like GTA, is so overwhelmingly positive that you can't help but forget the little nag.


- Buy it, if:

...you've been sitting on the fence.

...you enjoyed GoldenEye (I don't know anything about the recent Bond games).

...you want to play some solid, action Co-Op the likes of Time Crisis, minus the manual shooting. But unlike, say, RS3.

...you like Bond films and like Bond women.

...you're like me, all of the above.


Hopefully this has been of some use to potential buyers.

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I did an A/B comparison of the PS2 and XBOX demos last night and now I'm in a real pickle.


I'm not really a graphics whore, but I think the XBOX wins by a WIDE margin in so far as the demos are concerned. The PS2 frame rate takes huge hits when there is a lot of explosions on screen and I found the control to be more difficult.


Lastly, the sound on the XBOX demo was stunning compared to the PS2. However, I don't know if the PS2 version was supposed to have PLII or not but it sounded almost mono!


I'm jazzed about the online aspect, but I can't help feeling like I'd get buyers remorse if I went with the PS2 version. I might wait on this until I hear more about the online multiplayer. If it rocks, I'll go PS2 if it is just o.k., I'll get it for the box.



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The PS2 frame rate takes huge hits when there is a lot of explosions on screen and I found the control to be more difficult.


I don't think this is so much about graphics whoring as it is about playability. If it takes huge hits, I would much rather sacrifice multiplayer. I want to be able to enjoy the single player, first and foremost, without having to compensate my playing style for the chugging framerate.

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Originally posted by Dan B.@Feb 19 2004, 09:38 AM

A note on progressive scan...I read elsewhere that the driving sequences are in pro-scan, but not the rest of the game. Can't confirm it myself though.

It's being reported over at the AVS Forums, that in order to get full 480p on the Xbox version you'll need to unselect 1080i. Can't verify this myself as I haven't picked it up.

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