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Network Adaptors and Hard Drive?

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I was thinking about taking my PS2 online for Champions of Norrath since there aren't really any Xbox Live RPGs. I don't really want to spend a lot of money though. I've seen USB network adaptors that supposedly work with the PS2 and are a lot cheaper than the official one. Is there any reason not to get one of these cheaper alternatives? Same thing with headsets, is there a certain one that's good and cheap?



Also, my 3 memory cards are about full and I need to get another one. I originally wasn't considering the HD/FFXI as a possible purchase, but the cost wouldn't be as bad if I could transfer all my old saves to the HD and avoid buying a new memory card. In fact, if I sold my old cards and didn't buy anymore new ones over the life of the PS2, I could more than break even on the HD. So, does anyone know if it can function in place of memory cards?

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