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Is it worth upgrading a Ti4200 to a ATI 9600XT?


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My GeForce4 Ti4200 128MB card has a bum fan, & I have the opportunity to either get it fixed or trade it in for an upgrade. The best upgrade deal is for $70 off a 9600xt, bringing the price to $130.


My first instinct is to just get it fixed. I rarely play PC games anymore, so the benefit won't be immediate. However.....like everyone else, I will be playing Half Life 2 & Doom 3. Am I better off saving the $130 for when those games are actually out? (Note: since it's a trade in, I'm not sure if I'd get the free HL2 game).


Does the 9600XT have any htpc capabilities? That would be a big plus in favor of upgrading.


If it matters, I have a P4 2.5ghz w/ 1GB ram.




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Wow, a "yes" with an exclamation point! :) Thanks for the input. I need to do a little checking on my motherboard this week. I have a Shuttle mini PC case, and I've read some posts from people having probs with the power requirements of the new ATI's (the Shuttles have 200W psu's), so hopefully the 9600xt isn't affected.

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I'm looking to get the 9600xt when I build a new pc in the coming weeks. I can't decide on the 128mb version or 256mb version though. There's not much difference in the price I can get either for. Suggestions anyone?


All the 9800 specs seem to expensive here in the UK, and 9700 models don't even seem to exist over here for some reason...



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