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State of the Arcade...


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Fundamentally? Arcade owners that aren't idiots that treat their machines in a way we wouldn't treat our home ones.


The Japanese arcade scene is in a good enough state that Sammy are trying to break Sega for doing anything for home machines, and this is because their arcades are nice places to go. The machines work, its a nice place to hang out, and parents aren't worried about them being a haven for drug pushers and kiddy-fiddlers.


Plus its affordable for the kids to go there. Everything I've seen in the last few years has been ?1 (which is $2) a go, even the fighting games. two minutes of entertainment for $2 is hardly value for money.

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Thanks, Carlucci, this was a very interesting read.


I don't know about the rest of you, but I miss the arcade as it used to be. Between the rarity of the places and the prices of coin-op games these days I've all but given up ever going into an arcade these days. I do, however, occasinally hit Dave & Buster's (and similar places) when I am in Philly.


The arcade ad I knew it as a kid is gone, though. So, we adjust to what we can get and move on. I really do miss the social aspect of gaming in an arcade.


Thank God for X-Box Live!

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There's a place here in houston called Velocity Games. From what I've been able to gather, this place is pretty successful.


The idea is they charge you by the hour to play console games on a big screen. I'm actually surprised it is doing well, but it has been in business for a couple of years.


They host tournaments and birthday parties.



This brings up a couple of questions:


1. They would certainly have to pay royalties to the Publishers, right?


2. Why didn't I think of that?



Maybe this type of social venue will be part of the furture for the "arcade" industry.



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Hate to say it, but I think traditional arcade gaming is dying and will be dead with the advent of wireless devices in the next 5 years. If you think about the heyday of arcade gaming, the draw was:


* Have fun (and this is determined by all that follows)

* Play games that are better than what's elsewhere

* Have a social experience gaming with friends

* Experience something unique or not easily reproducable at home

* Don't spend a lot of money


The only one that really still holds true today is #4, the unique games. Even with the Silent Scope rifle and all that at home, the arcade version is still the quickest and easiest way to play. Same with racing games, if you want to sit in a seat with a full size wheel and pedals, the arcade is still superior to home versions (unless you spend $$$ to make a custom cabinet or something.)


And the social experience part is quickly getting sucked up by internet gaming at home or soon wireless gaming on the go. Why go to an arcade with 3 friends to play Gauntlet when if we sit at a table with our PSX wireless handhelds we can play anywhere (and with anyone/anytime?)


I think arcade machines may survive (like a machine or two in a bar, 7-11, or such), but arcades themselves might not make it much longer.

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