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"Gamespot is teh bias"


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And the one time I used it over in the other forum, I was ravaged like sick jackals ;). I love Gamespot, so it amuses me greatly. I am not going to go into my big rant, because parts of IGN are ok, but a lot of IGN reads like it's being run and written by four-year-olds. The howlingly unfunny Q&A section of the PS2 site being case in point, though this may have been fixed since I gave up reading the whole thing in disgust some months back.


A lot of slow people don't realize that reviews are actually opinion based. Just because somebody doesn't agree with you doesn't mean its wrong. Or that you are. We've all liked games that are reviled by others. It's the same thing, except these people are paid for it. I have never had an issue with GameSpot reviews, period.


That's my Gamespot review of Gamespot reviews ;)

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