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Genma Onimusha


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Can you use the analog stick in this game, or is it just the d-pad. If it is just the d-pad, is it a pain in the ass to use?? I started gaming on next gen consoles with analog sticks, so I'm not used to the d-pad (although some really love it).


I'm interested in this title and I'm just a bit concerned that the controls might spoil it for me.



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No, you can't use the aalog stick for movement. Yes, it sucks.


But you get used to it and all your old NES d-pad mad skills come back to you. I played all the way through Onimusha and hated the d-pad the whole way (makes my hand cramp badly), the game was still superb.


I'd give it a shot with the expectation that the d-pad control is going to annoy you for the first few hours. Then see the storyline and gameplay hooks you or not.

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