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Some more info on the PSP

The Daisy

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Well coming off the reports of the 10+ hour battery life for the PSP comes this unconfirmed report off of Magic Box.


UNCONFIRMED: Sony revealed some new tidbits regarding to the PlayStation Portable. The PSP will have connectivity features with PS2, similar to the GBA and GameCube. Players can save the progress of a PSP game and continue in the PS2 version of the same name. Sony is intended to sell PS2 + PSP bundle of identical games to make them more appeal to customers. However, Sony hinted that certain PSP features may not be available in the final version, such as wireless networking and MP3 support.


Ok, most people think that connectivity is a joke for the GC. What will they think when Sony does it?


Also, playing a portable game, saving it, then being able to use that save on a PS2 game?


I guess I would wonder what the point would be. Let's see, I can spend $90 on a new game so I can play it on the road or at home, or I can spend $50 on a game where I can just play it at home.


Who knows? This is all unconfirmed, but it's definately interesting to think about.



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