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New wireless controller


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I just got this controller today. It has received many good reviews and ign gave it the best in show award at e3. I'll try it out tonight and I'll post some of my thoughts on it tomorrow.


Here is a pic.



I've heard that a few people have had some problems with it (I read about it on HTF). I hope mine works as well as the reviewer's.




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After using this controller for a few hours, I can give it a big thumbs up! It has functioned flawlessly for me so far. Now we all know that wireless controllers can wig out suddenly so this might change. I'll post follow ups after some more time with it.


The RF has worked without fail since I put new batteries in it. The ones that came packaged with the controller were nearly dead from the moment I put them in.


The vibration is virtually non-existant so you should know that if that is of great importance to you. Although this shouldn't bother any of you Wavebird owners.


Speaking of the almighty Wavebird, this controller has something else in common with the king of all wireless controllers. Its the same size and shape as a Dual Shock, so much that you forget its a third party controller.


Finally, the biggest problem of most third party controllers is that the analog sticks are too loose. I'm happy to say that in all aspects (including the sticks) this controller feels like and functions like a Dual Shock controller.


I got it for 39.99 plus shipping at Hyper-Cafe.


Here is a link to ign's REVIEW


I'll update this thread as I get more time with it.




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Seeing how this post is linked in another thread, I thought I'd give an UPDATE:


This controller is awesome. Its still functioning on the new batteries I put in it when I got it. I've been using it with Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain, which uses every button on the controller and the response is flawless.


The only problems I have are occasional drops because my PS2 is on its side in my entertainment center and my coffee table sometimes gets in the way of the signal. Which is funny cause its an RF signal, but all I do is sit up straighter and the signal is strong.


Highly recommended.



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