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Windows Security Update CD

Chris F

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Let me ask, why would you guys need this CD if you have a high speed internet connection? As DataScion stated, maybe for a system format,... but aren't all of the updates available through MS online.?


I'm questioning using a CD to update for two reasons,

1. It would quickly be out of date, as of the next MS online security update release.

2. I've never seen an MS product that loads quickly off of CD. (This is one big pet-peeve I have with MS, they produce the Windows operating system, yet I can't think of a worse publisher when it comes to creating quick and efficient installation CD's.)


I'm not trying to slam MS or this CD, I'm just wondering if I'm missing a reason why I should order this CD?

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Well for one thing not everyone has a broadband connection


:( What sort of deprived society do we live in! Is there some sort of charity for this sort of thing. Feed the hungry children, get the homeless off the streets and eliminate narrowband internet access!


Seriously, I hadn't considered the whole working on someone else's computer thing. :oops:

I wonder if there are people here at LCVG that don't have broadband? I would be surprised. Now I'm gonna have to go make a poll on this topic. :)

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