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Dead Man's Hand


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OK, I haven't heard much about this title. I ran a search for both "dead mans hand" and "dead man's hand" but came up blank. I want to know more about this title, and have really liked the threads I've read on this board. Would some of you please post your views on the title, anything official you've heard etc...

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Have a look here: http://www.metacritic.com/games/platforms/...x/deadmanshand/


There are 3 reviews, one from Playboy ;) which gave it 88.. and the other two are from slightly more appropriate sources!!



"Official Xbox Magazine 50/100

A fine example of a great concept and really poor execution that just leaves you extra disappointed beause you wanted it to be cool. [Holiday 2003, p.74]"


"Play Magazine 50/100

There's a cartoon approach to the combat and presentation that kind of works at first, but again, it all comes to a halt once the old-school charm wears thin. [Dec 2003, p.83]"

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Has anyone played this yet?


Sure have. Please keep in mind that these are EARLY impressions. I played the game via a loaned copy from a friend at EB for about two days in combination with first playing the game on a demo machine at EB as well.


To be frank, its a very plain jane shooter that does nothing to distinguish itself. The graphics are bland as hell, the enemy AI can be an utter joke at times (one of the hookers on the second level of a building just went and jumped down 2 stories to try and reach me and died in the process if that tells you anything). The only time they display any level of thought is when they hide behind a barrel and even then the rest of time they simply stand there shooting at you (with remarkable aim I might add).


The physics engine is neat though and the level interaction is pretty well implemented (ie shooting almost anything gets a reaction ala HL2). The ragdoll physics in the game are done up pretty nice and the chain shooting aspect of the gameplay (you have to shoot consecutive enemies and items to rack up a chain shot) is nifty and somewhat original though there is little reason to bother with it since you can cream the enemy anyway without the bonuses. In between levels you can play a hand of poker which will give you some prelevel bonuses like extra weapons and items etc. Again its a neat little innovation that goes great with the theme of the game but from what I played it didn't seem to make much difference since the weapons I got in-level were enough to allow me to trounce through without a problem. That may be different later in the game though. I unfortunately did not have a chance to play any of the Live portion of the game so I can't quite comment on that.


All in all I personally didn't find Dead Mans Hand to be a BAD game. Its just a very mediocre one (at least its single player campaign). To be hones, I think its still too pricey at even 29.99 when there are a myriad of other worthwhile shooters you could be spending your money on. Thats not a definitive judgment of course since I never got the chance to play on Live and it would not be fair to the game to just outright say its not worth the money. However, if the game had been released at a 19.99 price point I think you would see a Carve or Colin McRae 4 level of buzz about it. Its not exactly at the quality of those two games but for 19.99 its alot easier to swallow some of the games flaws and having Live support is just icing on the cake (again much like Carve).

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