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March Xbox Release List


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Its a pretty big game month in march so get those pre-orders in



Scooby Doo Mystery Mayham $39.99

Mafia $49.99

Colin McRae Rally 04 $19.99



Dead Mans Hand (Live play) $29.99

Judge Dredd : Dread vs Death $39.99

Ninja Gaiden $49.99

MTX : Mototrax (live play) $49.99



Hip X-box Live headset $29.99

Hip Wireless Headset (its the new date they list but i wouldnt count on it)



The Suffering $49.99

Tenchu: Return From Darkness (2 player online co-op) $49.99



All Star Baseball 2005 (online play)$39.99

MVP Baseball 2005 $49.99



Pure Pinball $19.99

Sitting Ducks $29.99

Break Down $49.99



Fight Night 2004 $49.99



Trivia Pusuit Unhinged (Live Play) $29.99

Worms 3D(Live Play) $29.99

Yu Gi Oh $39.99

Samuri Jack : Shadow of Aku $39.99

Splinter Cell Pandora Tommorow $49.99 (Live Play)

ESPN Baseball 2005 $39.99 (Live Play)



Dinosaur Hunting $39.99



Daredevil the man without fear $39.99

Future Tactics : The Uprising $19.99 at gamestop. Other sites have it for more...

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Future Tactics : The Uprising $49.99


What??? That should not be full price! It's a cool lil strategy game by Zed Two, known through development as Pillage, and was supposed to be released at a bargain price... This is one to watch for any fans of FFT etc.


According to GameStop, all three platforms will be $19.99 each, I suspect that EB price is wrong.

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This is Live enabled, right?


Correct and in my case already paid for :green: .


I believe Dead or Alive Ultimate may have also been pushed back to June according to this article:




No word on any "official" delay but I wouldn't hold my breath for March.


As for purchases?


Here is my March:


Mafia $49.99

Colin McRae Rally 04 $19.99

Ninja Gaiden $49.99

The Suffering $49.99

Tenchu: Return From Darkness $49.99

Splinter Cell Pandora Tommorow $49.99

Worms 3D $29.99



Add to that PS2 releases in March:


Drakengard 49.99

Crimson Sea 2 49.99

Resident Evil Outbreak 49.99


And Gamecube:


Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes 49.99



Can we say painful freaking month!

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Hmmm, a friend of mine from L.A. told me that Break Down had been out for a few months already and that he saw it for $10. I wonder what he's been smoking.


I'll probably pick up ESPN Baseball. Like the price and liked the demo.


EDIT: The title was Blowout, not Break Down. My bad. :oops:

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This is just a nasty, nasty month for the credit card. I have a feeling it's going to be one of those months where my statement spills over onto a second page with rampant Best Buy charges.


For sure, I will get



Naval Ops: Warship Commander

Ninja Gaiden

Metal Gear

Splinter Cell


I'm also getting Romance of the Three Kingdoms 9 and Steel Battalion LOC and they will fall in this billing period as well.


Then there are the games on my radar that I haven't been convinced to buy yet. Colin McRae looks nice at $19.99, but it still has to beat Rallisport or its wasted money. I'm interested in Mafia but the port quality seems up in the air. Drakengard is interesting but I'll have to read some opinions. The Suffering, Breakdown, Dead Man's Hand, and Crimson Sea 2 could go either way. I'm debating taking my PS2 online, and if I do, that's $100 for final fantasy. This is supposed to be a slow time of the year but it's just as bad as the pre-Xmas blitz.

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