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Discussion of the newly posted Rules.


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The rules specifically mentiones a For Sale/Trade board, but I have yet to see one. Is that forthcoming, or am I just not seeing it?


yes young padawan, it is forth coming...legal issues to work out before launch. LCVG's gotta make sure its ass is covered.

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Just the one boring, tiny quibble here.


Its up to us to check if there have been any rule changes before making a post, which is all fine, dandy and good. I take it that there will be a new post in the "The Rules" forum each time this happens, then? A plain edit of the single post won't cause it to flag anything as new in there, and checking to see when the last post was at the front page is faster than re-reading it all.


Or am I being dumb?

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"Anytime the rules are modified we will post an announcement, but it is the user's responsiblity to review "The Rules," the Terms of Use and Notices and the Intellectual Property Statement and abide them as they are in effect from time time. We may, in our sole discretion, alert users to changes via email and other means."

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