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Is it my browser?


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I use Opera as my primary Internet browser. For some unknown reason (hence the thread), LCVG.com is the slowest site to load. Opera has a toolbar feature that shows how big a document is, how may images are on the site, how fast it's loading, what percentage is finished, etc. LCVG will consistently "hang" if the total percentage of the page loading and the speed are the same, e.g. 5.6Kb done and 5.6Kb per second. I constantly have to stop and refresh the page. LCVG is the only site this happens with (other sites may be occasionally slow, but only LCVG won't complete the request and it happens very frequently). Having to refresh the page after I post sometimes results in a double-post. The site will also "half-load" every so often. There are more than a few sites out there that I can't order from using Opera since they seem to have constructed their pages to be viewed with only IE or, grudgingly, Netscape (I'm using IE to post this). Is LCVG like this? I run a daily virus check so I don't think the PC is infected with anything. I know a few folks here also use Opera, has this happened to you?

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Allen I use Opera (the latest version up on thier site) at home and the forum comes in instantaneously. No issues at all with loading the page at all here with Opera, IE and Mozilla/FireFox.


Sounds silly (and Im sure you've already tried this) but have you gone in and cleared any cookies/cache that Opera is storing for the forum?

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Ad-Aware picked it up for me


Ad-Aware also picks up Spybot as being spyware (because it sees the restoration files that Spybot keeps in case you need to reverse any changes). Its a simple incompatiblility issue and little else.


Opera is not in any way shape or form "Spyware". It does not monitor where you go nor does it collect any information on your computer. You need to specify what type of ads you want specifically in the program options if want any kind of personalization of "content".


There was a hefty article about this in the past (on theinquirer.net mind you) that was retracted shortly after by the author in question (due to the fact that he had no evidence). If you do a search on the Opera website you'll find under thier support section:




I've also been using Ad-Aware and Spybot for a long time and niether program has ever picked up Opera for me on a scan (both of which have the latest reference files and updates)

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