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Rise To Honor


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Someone brought this in, watched it being played for a while, and had a play myself.


It's a Kung-Fu "Grabbed by the Ghoulies", and it works way better than that 'catchphrase' sounds. Left stick moves you, right stick attacks in the direction you move the right stick. The shoulder buttons behave as modifiers for blocking, grabbing etc. The strings of moves & variations in animations are really nice, and it flows nicely like a good kungfu film.


When you get guns, it plays a LOT like Max Payne/ETM, but done well enough. Kung Fu is where it's at in this game.


Presentation & "flow" of the levels aims for an action flick - lots of chases, lots of set pieces etc.


Looks like a great rental.

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Y'know, playing it some more, it really reminds me of Double Dragon with the control scheme from Grabbed by the Ghoulies, with a /dash/ of Shenmue's QTE (a very small dash).


It's a definite rental I'd say, I don't think there's much lastability or longterm value to it at all.

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Well I'm biased because I am a Jet Li fan, but I think it's pretty good so far. I don't know how far along I am but I'm at the part where you have to kick these guys off their motorcycles as they drive by you (for those that have played it).


It's not overly challenging, like when you need to do something (jump over something, open a door, etc.) it flashes on the screen and tells you to push the button. It's also a bit repetitive, you fight a lot of guys (as one would expect) but for me there are enough different moves and combos and throws that it still is fun. You don't have a lot of control over things (like the camera, whether you punch/kick/uppercut/roundhouse/etc. when you attack someone) and there are a lot of "cinematic" scenes where you don't play, so it's like half movie and half game.


I'd say if you're a fan of Jet Li (or similar) movies, this game would be a lot of fun. Maybe it's not quite deep enough to recommend as anything more than a rental but it's for sure worth playing. After you've finished it, I couldn't think of a reason to play it again, unless there are some unlockables I'm not aware of.


For me, I don't sit down and play games for long when I rent them so it's not like I'd have finished it in a weekend... so I bought it for $40 (CDN$) instead of renting it for $5.

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