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How do you surf, work and play online at home?


What type of internet service do you use?  

  1. 1. What type of internet service do you use?

    • 28k dial up (For the love of God, I hope no suffers this way)
    • 56k dial up
    • DSL
    • Cable
    • Satellite
    • ISDN / T-line
    • Other (two sticks and a piece of flint.) ;O)

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Cable- Adelphia - have had it now for about 3 or 4 years. Fairly satisfied with service.


House is networked via a wired router to service 3 computers in the house(2 PC's and one laptop) and 2 Xbox's(mine and my stepsons).


As a side note, I really wish they made ESPN football linkable because if we(me and my stepson) try to play each other on live it must eat up too much bandwidth and the connection craps out.

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I edited it Joel, but it appears that the results that were posted may be a bit off.


As far as my connection, I use Cox Cable. My downloads are 4000Kbps and my uploads are a pathetic 192Kbps. I have had an upload as high as 384Kbps, but that is very rare.

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Your download speed : 5346788 bps, or 5346 kbps.

A 652.6 KB/sec transfer rate.

Your upload speed : 945775 bps, or 945 kbps.


Holy crap!


I thought my 2mbps was fast! Whew!

My cable company (Charter) is dumping their three tiered pricing plan in favor of 2mbps for the same price ($39) everyone used to pay for 380kbps. Is this a trend occuring elsewhere?

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Earthlink DSL - extremely reliable service, downtime is an extreme rarity... glad I chose it over Comcast and Verizon.


As for the dork-ometer readings:


Your download speed : 706823 bps, or 706 kbps.

A 86.2 KB/sec transfer rate.

Your upload speed : 133489 bps, or 133 kbps.


Pretty good for someone who lives in a STATE PARK!!!!!


On a more positive note I have all my email forwarding to Earthlink's SpamBlocker. I freakin' love it. :D

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