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I got these links from TechTV. They didn't note any ownership issues; it's my understanding that these titles are comfortably in the abandonware category.


Intellivision games. Astrosmash, Skiing, Utopia, Night Stalker, Space Spartans, B-17 Bomber, Imagic's Beauty & the Beast and Shark! Shark!.


Cinemaware. For the PC: TV SPORTS: Boxing, TV SPORTS: Basketball, It Came from the Desert, Rocket Ranger, Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon, The King of Chicago, S.D.I., and Defender of the Crown.


The New Adventures of Zak McKracken (fan-made).



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Well, the Cinemaware site appears to be the official company site, so if they want to offer up the original Amiga disk images I guess its ok to download them.


For anyone that didn't know, its perfectly possible to do the following


1) Download ADF disk images designed for use on Emulators

2) Send 'em down a null modem cable (if you don't have a network adaptor for your Amiga, a null modem can be built for about $5 worth of parts, tops, and easily - its only four wires and a serial port at each end) to your actual real-life machine to store on the hard-drive

3) Use the Amiga disk tools that come with UAE to write them to real floppies on the Amiga.


Hey presto, proper games on proper Amiga, even if you've lost your original disks over the years. Its grrrreat! (as Tony The Tiger would say)


I did this a couple of years back, because my Spindizzy Worlds had died of old age, and I just adore that game.

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