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Is this the next Nintendo handheld???


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Nice design except the screen is too small, IMO

Only in respect to the rest of the unit. If you look carefully, its as wide as a Gamecube disc, which is about the size of the current GBA. Its just that this fanboy has made the whole thing closer to Laptop size than anything you would want to hold like that; its a monster.

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IMO, the design is slightly larger than your typical Wavebird (judging by the fact that the left analog stick can only be so far away from the main action buttons). If that's the case that screen is significanly smaller than a GBA SP screen.


Anything that would utilize Gamecube discs as the media would have to be fairly large. Definately not a pocket device. Odd that the artist chose to depict it using what appears to be a GBA cart.

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I'm not sure if there is an offical thread for the new Nintendo dual screen handheld, so I'll post this here,....


Nintendo DS to feature wireless multiplayer


Nintendo?s forthcoming Dual Screen handheld console set to feature short range, Bluetooth style wireless connectivity,


Seems like a logical step for handheld gaming, but cool never-the-less.

And I'd bet Nintendo is already cooking up some other wireless peripherals to take advantage of this new capability. :D

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