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who here plays halo online for xbox?


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Some of my buddies and I (all in the Houston area), decided to finally give this a try last night. After almost 2 hours of trying to connect via XboxConnect, we finally got it work.


It was awesome! When I hosted, there some lag, but when one of my friends hosted, there was no lag at all.


It was just the 3 of us, but it was still tremendous fun. We had some sniper v sniper v sniper duals in blood gulch.


It was a dream come true for me, because I normally play in a lan party with some other friends, and they have no interest in strategy play AT ALL. We had so much fun, we played until 5:15 this morning. Next weekend, we hope to get even more houston-area guys involved.


If you haven't tried XboxConnect because you've heard of the problems with lag, I urge you to try again, because the it can be done LAG Free.



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