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Gunstar Heroes

Angel P

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I've heard masses about it, though I've never had the chance to play the game. Its from Treasure, the tiny but perfectly-formed developer also responsible for such mighty genius as Radiant Silvergun, Ikaruga and Bangai-O.


It actually consists of a bunch of ex-Konami developers, including several guys of the original Gradius team, so they clearly know their stuff on the shooter front.


Anyway, the point I'm heading vaguely towards is that they've had many and varied requests over the years for sequels to be made, but other than Ikaruga having the development codename 'Project RS-2' they've never really done one; I'd be shocked if they did now.


More helpfully, if you want more in a similiar vein, their closest title is probably Silhouette Mirage, at a guess. Nearly all Treasure titles command high 2nd-hand values, however, so getting it may not be easy.

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If you're into shooters, the Genesis will have a lot more than just Gunstar Heroes to offer you. :) Amazing stuff like the ThunderForce series, Contra: Hard Corps(the *best* version of Contra, *ever*), Air Buster, Ranger X, Alien Soldier, Battle Squadron, Bio Hazard Battle, CrossFire, Darwin 4081, Arcus Odyssey, Fire Shark, HellFire, Gaiares, etc....I could go on for quite sometime, but trust me, the content is there. ;)


I think GameStop is clearing out their Genesis models for $9.99 right now, and they are trying to clear out the rest of their games...so if you want one, now'd be the time to act on it...



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Oh man the Sega Genesis was the "in thing" for shooter freaks like myself. ThunderForce III you can't beat it! You just can't possibly get better than this.


Gaiares was hot hot hot, Arrow Flash, Phelios, again, Arcus Odyssey, very under appreciated game that was incredibly fun.


The Sega Genesis had a wealth of glorious titles for all genres and its a shame that everyone these days squeaks about the Super Nintendo and the Genesis is kinda left sitting in its own dust.


El Viento, Master of Monsters, Alisia Dragoon, Phantasy Star II - IV, Landstalker, Castlevania, Altered Beast :)


Sega exclusives, and all great stuff.

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