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Does anyone still play RTCW???


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Originally posted by FLYING SE7EN@Feb 23 2004, 01:03 PM

but if I can do some online co-op, so much the better.

There's no online co-op, just offline.


However, it's definitely a total blast online and as Chris has said a lot of us still have it. If you get it let us know and we can get some games going :D

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I also have the game and have been wanting to get back into playing the game on LIVE again. So, if you get the game post it up and let us know so we can all play a game ;). My tag is JJ 1790.

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First night of RTCW was fun. Allen, Jay, Sean and I played for about an hour. I like the variety of match types and the spectator camera is AWESOME. I hope we can get a regular game going weekly.


If you don't have this game already, GO BUY IT!! With the BB gamers gift card its only $16. You can't beat that with a bat. If a bunch of us get it, the smell of fresh blood in the water might spark some renewed interest in this game for the ones who've had it a while.




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Jeff et all, sorry I disappeared so suddenly last night. When you switched the map away from Beach, my Xbox froze and by the time I got back in it said that your game was no longer available.


I would definitely be up for playing again this week. I'll keep my eye out for you guys.



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