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Who wants $10?


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So, as a member of the "Xbox LIVE Elite" (don't ask me how I became elite, but aren't you jealous), I got these cards in the mail that I can give to a new subscriber to XBOX Live, and after you sign up with the year subscription, we BOTH get $10 in the mail.


Did everyone get these, or am I really as special as I feel?


If anyone wants to sign up and score us both $10, PM me and I'll give you the details.



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Yet more proof that I'm not special! :cry:


Hmm, my Xbox live account is due to expire on March 23rd. I suppose I could just open a new account and get a new gamertag, if it means getting $10 for me AND one of you.



Hmm, but what gamertag to get? I don't suppose they would allow SHITSTORMER, would they? What about Sh1tstormer, or Sh_tstormer?


Or maybe Car105, which looks like Carlos, get it? But then people will just call me Car, which I don't care for. It's bad enough when the Unwashed call me Car-Lucky.


Let's see, anyone who comes up with a gamertag for me that I like and actually use (not taken already), would get the $10 when I sign up as their referral?


Let's have your suggestions!



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I posted this info at HTF hoping to pass the deal along. They went as far as to close and lock the tread all together.


They said "The problem is it's somewhat like selling a product in that you are receiving gain for your service, you just happen to be "working" on the part of Microsoft. If they want to pay to promote their product they should do so on the forums whose markets they target."


So I then passed along another piece of information that saves them money, which I get nothing in return. I am wondering if they will lock that one also?..?


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A friend signed us up for our $10 checks.

I just got an email about it. This is what it says,

"Thank You

This is to confirm that we've logged you and your buddy's details.


Together you can take on the entire Xbox Live? community. Will you top the leaderboards in Project Gotham Racing? 2, be the masters of Ninja Gaiden?, or conquer Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell?: Pandora Tomorrow? The part you play is in your hands now.


Good luck out there. "


Not a bad deal since he was planning on going LIVE anyway.

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