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So, I was looking at this case over at Newegg.






I haven't really looked into this type of case before, but I figured it was kinda cool looking, especially as we transition PC's over into our home theater set-ups.


Next I saw this picture.





Now, looking at this set-up I'm thinking these cases might not be such a good idea. It looks very cramped, and it seems as though it would be very prone to getting hot, with all of the components being so close. I imagine this would be the opposite of an over-clockers dream. ;)


Actually, in a back-ass-ward-sort-of-way, I think I've just made a point. This type of case seems more geared toward general home theater users and not necessarily hardcore PC gaming users.


I'm wondering if anyone has this type case, and how they feel on these thoughts? How off base am I? :D

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Reminds me of Apple's Cube from a few years ago, amazing computer. Apple engineered it so it cooled itself via convection, it had a vertical column with vents on the bottom and top so air would rise through the case. Which made the machine totally silent.


I'd be very interested to know how the Shuttle is cooled, and especially interested to know it's rated noise level. Even a small case can make a lot of noise with the wrong fans. My old SCSI box makes more noise than my G5 desktop!

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I've built a mini system for a friend. It was an Athlon based system and heat never became an issue. The cases typically come with a heatsink/fan combo specifically designed for tight quarters. I didn't overclock his system but we did throw in a Radeon 9700 Pro and it was a great little game system -especially considering he is quite the LAN party guy.


In other words, don't be concerned. These systems are designed to take the heat. I suggest reading up on which of the current mini systems are most highly rated, however. Don't buy based on looks...find reviews.

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Shuttle cases are great, from what I hear. Heat isn't an issue from most of the people I've talked to about them.


You do have to take into account, it'll never be as cool as a full size case, but for portability, and coolness, it's a fantastic case. My next PC is going to be a Shuttle, since I want to be able to take it to LAN parties and such.

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I built a Shuttle SN45G (I think thats the number?) for a home PC recently, it is a very nice case and fits right on the desk. The CPU/case fan is quiet, but the 9600 xt and HDD are just as noisy as ever, need to work on that ;)


Cooling is not a problem, the ICE heatpipe thingie directs the CPU heat right out the back so only the video card is really heating up the inside. It performs just as well as a high end PC with same components installed, I love it. Installation is pretty easy too but follow shuttle's instructions on what to do when, kind of like putting together a puzzle box to get it all in there right (not hard, just don't try to wing it without reading the manual.)


The caveat is that you are giving up PCI slots right out of the gate. Typically the shuttle cases have 1 AGP slot and 1 PCI slot, or integrated video and 2 PCI slots. So you must be sure this isn't a probelm for you before you buy one.


I really like mine, if you can live with the lack of PCI slots they really are beastly little PC cases/motherboards.

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