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Steering Wheel Recommendations?

Chris F

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SO I caved and bought Gran Turismo 3 - A Spec for PS2 yesterday, and I love the game (although I suck at driving), I can't help but think that maybe the whole experience would be better with a steering wheel of some sort.


I was looking at the Driving Force by Logitech. Is this one any good? I'll probably be using it for other games as well, if I can.

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I really didn't like the Logitech wheel that much. I'm sure it's more realistic, the force feedback is cool and all...but the wheel has so much resistance, if you try to make sudden moves you have to struggle against the motor (even with FF off).


I know that real steering wheels have resistance, but my feeling is that most games are designed with thumbsicks in mind, and so the steering response is geared toward quick maneuvers...the Logitech wheel doesn't allow for these kinds of movements and so it's frustrating to use.


I've gone through about 5 different wheels and the best one I've found is the MadCatz MC2 Universal. It's not perfect but, for me, it's the best compromise. It's free turning, no resistance, the calibration is incredibly simple (although you cannot remap it's buttons via the wheel on the Xbox), it's very solidly made, and it works on all three systems!

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I've used both e Logitech Driving Force and MC Universal with GT3, and both work well. If I had my pick I'd probably take the Driving Force simply because I do like the Force feedback.


However, I didn't feel it was quite as smooth as is should be, the pedals on the MC are probably a bit better (they don't slide quite as much) and the overall comfort could be better.


The MC is the one that I own (it was free) and it's nice to know I have a good wheel that will work on 4 consoles (including PS1). Plus it's quite comfortable and smooth, as stated before.


The real bonus for the Logitech though, is that it's a USB and works on a PC with the latest Logitech drivers. I could really use a PC wheel :D

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