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F/S N-64 & Sega Saturn

Jeff W

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For Sale


1 Sega Saturn, power cord, AV cable, & 1 Analog/digital controller w/ Nights game. Game has original jewel case and instructions, the game and controller are in good shape, the Saturn needs a new internal battery (easily replaced), it works fine without it but you have to keep re-setting the time and date. The Saturn was unfortunately left in my brothers care some time ago and has 2 small problems, the door to the internal battery compartment had the tab cracked and is currently taped in place, and the left front corner of the casing isn?t held together. Cosmetically it looks fine but on that corner the little plastic do-dad that holds the screw is cracked, you can?t see it but if you pull up on the top part of the casing it will separate a little. If anyone?s interested I?d be happy to send pics. It does play fine however and should be no problem if you don?t move your consoles around from TV to TV. I was thinking in the neighborhood of $40 shipped for this one as well.


Sega Saturn games (all games have original cases and instructions):

Virtua Cop 2 - $10

Last Bronx ? $10

Clock Work Knight (case cracked) ? $5.00

Gun Griffon ? $10

NHL All Star Hockey ? $5.00

Street Fighter Alpha ? $10

Daytona USA ? $10

Virtua Fighter 2 ? $10

Battle Monsters ? $5.00

Panzer Dragoon ? $10

Resident Evil ? $10

Virtua Cop ? $10


1 official Sega Saturn arcade stick ? $15

1 official Sega Saturn Light Gun ? $15

1 Madcatz Saturn Light Gun ? $10

1 ?The Real Arcade? light gun for Sega Saturn/PS1, guncon compatible, with foot pedal and ac adaptor. You plug it into the system and a power outlet and when you pull the trigger the slide of the gun actually kicks back and forth. - $20


I am willing to send pics of anything for anyone interested and am willing to listen to counter-offers, money orders preferred but can take a check as well.


*Edit: 2/25 Removed items sold including the N-64 mentioned in the title*

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Secret, can you mention what you've PM'd for please? It just makes life easier for the next person when there are multiple things on offer.


If, say, you'd already put a request on the Saturn then I'd know someone had beaten me to it (not that I'm actually after one, but you know what I mean).

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