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Arr, ahoy mateys, Puzzle Pirate off the port bow!

Mark E

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I'm sure a bunch of you saw this link in this morning's Penny Arcade newpost, but just in case you didn't, there's a new pseudo-MMORPG called Puzzle Pirates that just went into beta. The twist to this one is that it looks like your combat in the game is solved by playing various puzzle/word games such as falling block Tetris-style puzzles etc.


The site's swamped right now but you can sign up and get notified when you can get in. It looks like it could be fun, I'll let ya'll know after I get signed up :P.


Link here: http://www.puzzlepirates.com/

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Its probably easiest to go get one of the two games on an emulator and see (Paradroid is C64, Quazatron is Spectrum, and both are among the best games released on their systems), but basically you have a bunch of wires running from the two sides to a series of lights in the middle. The aim of the game is to have more lights your colour than the opposition's colour when time runs out.


Wires don't necessarily run straight, though, and things might split one wire into to, two back into one, or even reverse polarity before they reach the middle. You want to hang back as long as you dare, as whoever fires second wins, but there are a bunch of lights and so hanging around too long can also be dangerous. Its pretty cool, and also varies its difficulty well to the relative strengths of the two sides (more power means simpler circuits and more energy shots).

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Oh, I did try this btw, it was fun but I can't see myself getting sucked into a MMORPG with this much work to do, and if I did I'd probably try galaxies ;). The use of puzzles is an awesome way to get around most lag limitations and such, as the pirates can duel via bejeweled knock-offs etc and on the full ships you need an entire crew who's taking turns doing different puzzles that correspond to loading the cannons, bailing, etc, and they actually affect performance.


Fairly cute, nothing earth-shattering.

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I played it for a bit, and while the idea is interesting, the puzzles that I played in it didn't grab my attention at all. The swordfighting (although I never really figured out what I was doing in that) puzzle seemed alright, but the bailing, carpentry and rope puzzles were downright boring. I'm sure there are more to sample, but I didn't get to that point and have no real desire to.


If it was a game based only on tetrinet and Bust A Move/Puzzle Bobble ripoffs, I'd probably be playing it a lot more.

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