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Ikea Billy storage


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As there were a few questions about how Ikea's Billy storage goes, here are a pair of pics from my stuff. I suspect I've shrunk it too much to play 'spot the title' on most things, its fairly irrelevant.


Firstly, here is the one I have full of CDs (to overflowing, as you can see!)


The Billy just comes as a plain bookshelf to start with, and then you have to buy these CD insert things seperately (note that you need the 80cm wide to use them, not the 60cm, or its a trip to refund hell...) The top one is using the spacer to bring them to the front, but the three below I've not bothered with - that way you've got a bit of shelf space for placing random discs, as you can unfortunately see I've done; the new shelf for all that lot to go on hasn't been built yet, and is sitting in the library in all its flat-packed glory still :oops:


If you don't buy the CD inserts, they also make great DVD storage, though you do need to buy two extra shelves to make the most of it. Then it looks like this:


That is the infamous 60cm one, like I said. And before I went with the beech, rather than white, too. To the left is another Ikea thing, but I can't remember its name now, sorry.


And yes, that is a Lego Darth Vader standing on it. :P

Just below him, though, is a rather funky Karl Hyde (of Underworld) original photo, which I'm rather pleased of though, so I'm not completely childish.


Anyway, hope that helps.

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It's heartening to see someone post here that has organizational skills closer to mine. :P


What's confusing is that the CD shelves look like they hold them 2-deep, is that true? Or is it just one shelf sitting in front of another?


EDIT: nevermind. I just reread your post, so the 2-deepness is a result of it being a bookshelf originally.

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The CD shelves come with a spacer thingy you use to hold them in such a way as one CD deep is neatly done, as you can see on the top two rows (its two rows to a CD shelf). The lower ones don't have the spacers behind them, so you've got about an inch less than enough room for a second layer, and so that second lot deep are overhanging.


Does that make sense?

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