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Blinx The Time Sweeper

Rob B

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I just picked this up at work the other day for 4.50 on clearnce.


I got to play it for a little bit and I gotta say I like it.


It reminds me of Majioras Mask Meets Lugi's Maniosn.


I'm on level two right now the only real complant I have is that you use the same button to suck items up as you do to shoot can be rough on boss battles.


Any one elese's thoughts?

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how many level are there?


They are split up into worlds I believe. Such as World 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, Boss. World 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, Boss. Follows that kind of structure. I believe all together there are 6 worlds but I beat the game so long ago I can barely remember.


I'm not as down on the game as so many on this and other forums are. Blinx is definitely a mediocre game however its got a fun little gimmick (the time powers). Decent platforming, pretty nice graphics (later levels) and a good level of challenge as you progress. However the camera is atrocious at some points, the level design was somewhat problematic and the enemy design is absolutely horrendous from start to finish. Besides that its not that bad of a game. ;)

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Too much focus on Blinx early on when Microsoft should have pushed Voodoo Vince more. It wasn't an amazing game but it was solid, a fundamentally better platformer and well just more fun.


Did Microsoft focus on Blinx or did the press run with it as a mascot? I've no idea. Even at the time, the press hype about how Blinx was revolutionary & could only be done on the Xbox was ridiculous & bogus. There was no real "time unwinding", just pure predetermined scripted sequences.

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As problematic as Blinx was, I do remember a peculiar amount of negative hype on it, to the point that people were complaining about stuff that wasn't even in the game. I remember at least one review that screeched about the character never shutting up and having stupid Mario-wanna-be catchphrases, yet I don't recall him actually saying much at all in the game. Maybe my memory is playing tricks on me.

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In re-reading those threads at Home Theater Forum, it sounds like a lot of folks got really worked up about a game that ultimately wasn't good enough to merit that much passion. I guess that's what happens when you're that heavily invested (emotionally, that is) in the success of a platform. Of course I say this as someone who never played Blinx. Still, if it was that good, it would have remained in the consciousness of the gaming community the same way a game like Beyond Good & Evil has and I may have played it by now. Isn't it funny how time washes away all the crap and leaves only the gems of the past?

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