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Win XP network sloooooooow


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Point form for clarity:


1) I have 2 PC's networked through a Linksys wireless router, although they are both hard wired into it. My Xbox at present is the only wireless connection.

2) Each PC has been given an IP by the router:

3) Each PC has it's own 'name', and belongs to the same workgroup.

4) Each PC can ping the other fine.

5) Each PC can surf the Internet fine.

6) Each PC has a shared folder which is visible on the other PC.

7) Browsing the networked folders is slow as hell...it can take several seconds to minutes for the contents to open up, although eventually it does...if I give it enough time.

8) 1 PC has a generic 10/100 NIC card, the other PC has a built in Gigabit LAN which is being used.


Any ideas from the Gurus as to why this is happening?

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