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Ninja Gaiden Online


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Probably the biggest criticism now-a-days for single-player action games is that no matter how good or long they are, they simply don't have appeal beyond that first play through. I hope this is the beginning of a new trend.


You just gotta love Tecmo. Dead or Alive Ultimate and now this.

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Cool Keith!


I'd perfer online co-op play, but this is cool too. Unfortunately I would probably never get around to finishing the game in time to do this. I figure they hope this will help move more copies of the title early on. I don't know if it would really have this effect. Modes like co-op or vs. I could see moving more units, but this almost seems more like a gimmick to me,... but then again that is because I'm all too aware that I would never take advantage of this. Let me ask, do you plan on participating?


oh, and good luck if you do compete! :)

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Since this is not a post scheduling a Live game, I'm moving to the General Xbox forum Keith.


Feel free to discuss this topic further here.


I'm kind of bummed there's no co-op, but this tournament thing sounds very cool. Like Joel though, I don't know if I could finish the game beforehand. Since I never finish games. ;)

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So this is only a temporary scoreboard for some levels then?


Damn. I really, really like Live Scoreboards, they are a wonderful invention (its like being down the arcade, but even better), but I'd much rather see them as a permanent thing across all levels, like in Burnout 2 or PGR 2.

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Having actually played the demo extensively, I recognize and have perspective for why this sounds like a significant feature.


Basically, this is the type of game where you are compelled to perfect your gameplay skills, more so than a game like Metroid Prime (to pick a random but also great game).


In a game like Prime, or most games, the driving force is the urge to move forward through the story/game. As we all know, this urge doesn't always last as many of us never finish half the games we buy.


In NG it is fun as hell to hone your gameplay skills. It is hard to explain, but I played the demo over and over, not because I wanted to finish the same friggin level over and over, but because it was so fun perfecting each battle along the way.


... so it is for this reason that a scoreboard type of competitive online feature is especially appropriate and interesting for Ninja Gaiden. I hope this makes sense.

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