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Using a wireless router as a wireless bridge

Chris The Rock

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I have a linksys wireless router that works perfectly. I used to have a linksys WET11 wireless bridge that I used for a wireless connection to my PC in another room.


Then, I brought my pc into the living room thanks to my 61" DLP set, and had no further use for my WET11 wireless bridge. I gave it to my younger brother.


Well, now it looks like I need to move my PS2 into another room, thus requiring the use of a wireless bridge (or a NYKKO net extender) to allow the network adapter to work.


My question is basic: Can a wireless access point router (which can be had for as little as $50 these days) be used as a wireless bridge? Or do I need to spend the extra $30 to buy another WET11? Is anyone using a linksys router as a bridge? I seem to remember my router having a "bridging mode" or something. I'll read up on it at linksys's site here real quick.


Just trying to save thirty bucks here. Any gamer can understand that. :D

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