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Most hours spent playing one game?


Most hours spent playing a game?  

  1. 1. Most hours spent playing a game?

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I've easily put close to 300 hours into Counter-Strike. I started in Beta 0.5 and back then we used to play it for about six hours a day at university. And my marks actually stayed good ;). I was a huge, huge CS monster back in the day before all the cheaters got their claws in it. And I still suck too :P.

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Solomon's Key. NES.

We.... (meaning my mother and I) played this game for years. 1988 - 1999. For hours... upon hours. We managed to get it down to a science of about a six/seven hour play through... but the amount of things that could be found was astounding. Up until even the last few times we played we were STILL finding new things, sphinxes, "demon" coins, weird old men heads.... lol all kinds of strange and wonderful things. It was a neverending treasure hunt and the game has SO many different endings (and YES I have seen the one where you actually rescue the fairy princess! or fairy queen in the heart shaped box stage).... what a wonderful puzzle game. The hours we spent total into the hundreds. More than anyone could possibly count I'd imagine. lol

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Several games have kept me occupied for hours on end at work. Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire is one I played for about 3 months. 5 nights a week, 6-7 hours a night.


Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town is another. ( not 3 months on this one yet though )


I know Cal & I have had some intense weekenders of Dynasty Warriors since we bought DW 2. Then, DW 3 came out, and OMG .... don't forget DW 3 Extreme Legends and goodness .... DW 4 has to be in there too !!!



Gaming goodness ! :tu:

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It took me 80 hours to defeat Final Fantasy X. My characters were leveled up so high that by the time I met Seymour Guado in his final form, I killed him in two moves. I'm currently playing Diablo II: Lord of Destruction as all seven characters and have about 60 hours in so far (my paladin is in act 3, the others are in act 1). Therefore my FFX record will be smashed this year.


Of course, I'm not taking into consideration games like Halo, Worms Armageddon, Sega Tennis 2K2, Tekken Tag Tournament, Soul Calibur, and SoulCalibur II which involved me and several others in 6 to 12 hour marathon sessions monthly. Total hours for Worms Armageddon would be around 150, Halo, Tennis, TTT, and SC2 around 200+, and SC close to 300+.

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Counterstrike on PC, I can't even begin to add up the time spent here.


I usually come in about 15 or more hours over the mark on any RPG just because I try finding absolutely everything.


I bet I logged over a 100 hours playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons on my intellivision, with utopia and astrosmash coming in close behind.


Oh yea, SOCOM, Wolfenstein, Mech Assault.. damn, I have no life. :)

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Man thats a tough question, I rarely play any RPG so those long games I can't count. It would probably have to be Soul Calibur, or Goldeneye.


I can't begin to tell you the # of weekends I would spend at Merlots playing video games the whole weekend. I would usually show up Friday night or Saturday morning and stay till about 11-midnight Sunday. The only breaks usually only involved ordering a pizza or partake in a guiness!!!!. I can't tell you the number of times we played Soul Calibur until it reached 199 on the counter and stopped counting. So I would probably have to give it to that game.


The longest one game session though involved Zelda 2 the adventures of Link back on the NES. After a long morning of deep sea fishing, I got home and started playing around 5 pm saturday afternoon, I didn't stop til around 3 am Monday morning, I beat the entire game in one sitting, I played right through a back yard family bar b que my parents were throwing, all my aunts and uncles didn't even know i was home the whole time.

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I spent 8 hours playing Star Wars on a single quarter in an arcade when I was about 15, does that count for anything?




It took me 80 hours to defeat Final Fantasy X. My characters were leveled up so high that by the time I met Seymour Guado in his final form, I killed him in two moves.


:lol: :tu:


I would have to say I've put the most time into BF1942. I can literally play it for hours on end and barely notice the time going by. I measure time by the number of pee and munchies breaks I take. :green: I have to obstain from voting as I have absolutlely no clue how many hours I've burned through. But they were all throughly enjoyed! :green:

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Easily over 200 for Halo. My pals and I still play the game once in a while, but we were on a twice-a-week pace for over a year. Usually for at least four hours, sometimes more. At one point I had 2 groups of friends with different schedules, and we all loved the game, so I was playing it around 4 nights a week in multiplayer.


Morrowind I logged about 80 hours on. I just got the GOTY Edition for Xbox, and expect to be sucked in again.


Final Fantasy VIII was about 60 hours, maybe more. If memory serves, I maxed out my levels trying to beat the 2 weapons, and eventually gave up trying. Then I went on with the game and just beat the shit out all the bosses and everything, it was fun.


That would continue through any platform to this very day. I still play TSB at least a few hours each and every month.


I can relate to this - just replace Tecmo Superbowl with RBI Baseball. I still play that with my brother once in a while, and just this past weekend a friend was talking turkey about how great he was at it. We'd never played it against each other before. I won the first game in 9 innings, but got back in the groove in game two. I won by the Slaughter Rule in 3 innings. I'll make sure to remind him of this for a while.


There's a lot of old NES and SNES games I spent a lot of time on, but don't know exactly how much. Mega Man 3, Maniac Mansion, Bionic Commando, Street Fighter 2, Dragon Warrior...and of course River City Ransom. Who wouldn't play a game where the smiles from cute waitresses are free?

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eventually gave up trying.


What, you played 60 hours, maxed levels, and couldn't beat the weapons? Really? Wow, I finished the game in 64 and demolished the two weapons. Mind you, I spent a lot of that time learning Lionheart for Squall, which is the only attack you need once you get it ;).

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