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Marathon was before my gaming time but ...


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A friend of mine has been telling me about " Blogs " or " Web Logs " that are apparently gaining popularity on the internet, and since she knows I like video games she gave me a link to a site called Game Girl Advance. While I was there checking it out, I came across an article about a game for Mac play called Marathon. ( I am not sure if it was for PC too ) The author compares the game Marathon to Halo ( or at least suggests that Halo has roots in Marathon ) and backs up his theory with some convincing evidence.


This may have already been discussed, and if so, pardon me... but I thought it was interesting enough to get your thoughts on the idea. You can find the article here : http://www.gamegirladvance.com/archives/20..._or_sequel.html

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Marathon was, as you probably now know, written by Bungie, the team that also wrote Halo.


As I understand it, the idea was to design the plot of Halo such that, while it doesn't claim to be a sequel in any way (so as to avoid alienating the legions of non-Mac-owning Halo players), there are a bunch of clues in there that imply that their worlds might be related somehow.

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Hmm, yeah, I believe you are correct Iain. I too remember hearing that Marathon was peripherally related to the Halo storyline in some vague, hinted at way.


I love when games do that. It reminds me of that awesome scene in Crusader: No Remorse when you watch the TV broadcast announcing the development of a new revolutionary artificial intelligence designated SHODAN, which of course puts Crusader firmly in the System Shock universe.


Those kind of clever bits are always a hallmark of good design.

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Wasn't Halo originally in development as a Mac title? I'm pretty sure the first glimpse of Halo was a very rough version running on a Mac.


Marathon was the Mac's answer to the multitude of FPS games available on the PC. It had a story and the cool ability to let the character use two guns at once. It also had a very poor stock control scheme. I never really got into it but it had a very big following for quite a while.

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What the other guys said.


I played Marathon briefly back in the day (this would've been back in the 1990's) and I remember it being a pretty neat game.


While you are on that site, there are two other articles of interest; one is an article on the female gaming market that I enjoyed and the other reviews a, um, peripheral with accompanying photos.



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I bought the Limited Edition Marathon box set that has all 3 Marathon games in it. Unfortuately, my PowerMac 7200 didn't run these games to well, and I eventually moved on to the PC. I still have the box set somewhere in my house...


I did waste a good amount of time on the first Marathon though...

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