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New Apple Store opening (modem-choking images!)


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In an event that PC users will yawn about repeatedly, Apple opened a new store in SF today. It's one of their "flagship" stores - of which there are 4 others (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Tokyo).


We went down to the store at about 1pm, and there was still a long line to get in:



Up the street, it goes for about a block



Down the street to the store



Inside the doors is this glass stairway.



From above



From below



Each step is about 4" of glass



Nice engineering



At the top of the stairs is a theater, they were just showing marketing stuff, but they will also host training sessions. The screen seem kind of small, I think mine at home is bigger ;) The guy sitting with his iBook is browsing the web over the 802.11g network.



Turn around at the top of the stairs and you see a skylight.



The desk is really nicely done.

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The so-called "Genius Bar"



Yours truly, in Mac-geek heaven...



This has nothing to do with the Apple store, just an impressive Macaw eating lunch a block from my house.



Also unrelated to the Apple store, this mural is being painted a couple doors down from my house. The theme is historic streetcars (which SF has collected from all over the world and still uses). The different colored vertical strips represent different eras (the 1900's, the 20's the 40's and so on up to the 'future' which is the last one). Through all the eras the old-fashioned streetcars stay the same.

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I just realized something very cool. The mural represents several blocks of Market Street in SF, the Apple store is right off of Market. One of the buildings in the mural (all the way over to the left in the mural picture) happened to show up in the picture taken through the skylight at the Apple store!


Here's the evidence:



See the top of the tower?



There it is again!


Totally unplanned!

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Oh, and how much poorer are we tonight?


Well, about $40. I spent $10 at EB reserving a copy of CMR4, and $30 on R-Type Final :green:


I didn't spend a dime at the Apple Store! I'm sure I will soon, though...


You look kinda surly in that pic for a guy at an Apple store grand opening, though...


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That store looks cool, thanx for sharing Ed!

The glass staircase is cool. I bet it's easy to look up women's skirts

Yeah, I finally found an excuse to use the rolly eyes smiley :roll:



And that mural is cool too. :tu:


Oh, and it's neat that you have restaurants in San Francisco that cater to animals, the bulldog & macaw look to having a wonderful time. ;)

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Originally posted by gigapower@Feb 28 2004, 10:19 PM

So did you find out what was in those mystery bags?

My source tells me the bags contain Windows 3.11 and old cassette tapes left on a sunny dashboard for a few hours.


Apple scientists have confirmed that that no other combination causes people to by OSX machines and iPods as effectively as this one.



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Originally posted by Failsafe@Feb 29 2004, 06:47 AM

Very nice photography Ed! Lots of great angles. I especially like the one of the foot on the staircase...did it take long to time it right? :)

All the pictures were taken by my boyfriend Tim, so I can't take credit...he's a very good photographer (he has a website of his photographs: zenzero - the Amsterdam section is somewhat famous)


He took many exposures of every shot, so the foot was an accident, there's actually a better one with a shoe that I missed the first time through:



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Originally posted by FreakTornado@Mar 1 2004, 12:23 AM

he's a very good photographer (he has a website of his photographs: zenzero - the Amsterdam section is somewhat famous)

Deservedly so. Those pictures are very well done. Makes me really want to go back to Amsterdam (my wife and I had our honeymoon in Paris/Amsterdam and we spent New Years 2000 there). I took pictures with my Russian Lomo camera, so they all have an ethereal quality that really suits the spacy mind-set while we were there, but most people look at them and say, "These pictures are blurry."

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Originally posted by BelPowerslave@Mar 1 2004, 02:00 PM

It's just a bar-like(literally) area where you can talk to one of the Mac techs, or even bring in your Mac to have it looked at. It's very hip.

Can't be, if I never heard of it. ;)


So people just go sit there and, what? Ask why their firewire suddenly stopped wotking or how to do a certain thing? Or is it really just chatting? No coffee sales or anything?

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