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Where's the best place to get your Credit Report?


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There are alot of places to get you credit report online, but I'm looking for a good place to not only get all 3, but possible credit monitoring to let you know if any changes are happening.


Do you know if there's anything i should look out for when doing this? Most places seem to offer the same services and have a standardized pricing of about $30 for all three.

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I know there are 3 separate credit reporting agencies. Equifax, trans union, and another. You should really check out all 3, as some places don't report to all of them. I work for what basically amounts to a collection agency, and we only report to equifax at the moment.


I've heard of people being turned down for a loan, because they inquired about there credit too much, if it's actually true, I wouldn't think a monitoring service would be a very good idea.


I checked on mine a couple years ago from http://www.freecreditreport.com. No problems, just paid them $30 or something around there.

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