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PGR2 and the Great 'Ring Enduro of 2004


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Anyone interested in participating in a Nurburgring endurance race? No, not a painful number of laps, but more than the standard single lap race. Perhaps 3 or 4 laps. Yes, that means a 21-28 minute race, but I think it could be enjoyable.


I just love that track, and I had some nice close races this weekend, with a couple having the top three finishers within 1.5 seconds. I figure a multiple-lap 'Ring run would give people enough of an opportunity to make up for first-turn hysteria, not to mention giving the front runner plenty of time to boof horribly under the pressure :D.


I'll be on tonight, hosting a 'Ring game regardless. If enough people hop on and have the desire, we'll hit it.

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Here's what I posted about this at GWJ:


You know, this doesn't necessarily have to be an "event" now that I think of it.


So, here's the deal. I'll be on tonight, 03/01/04 at 9:00PM EST. I will be running a 'Ring game at that time. I will only allow people who are in my Friends List to join, so send me an invite if you want to get in. If it goes well, I will probably do the exact same thing Tuesday and Wednesday -- otherwise known as "The Last of CF's Pseudo Bachelor Days of 2004" -- at the same time.


Hop in if you can! Note that this will be an "any car you have unlocked" race. Those of you who've earned your Cerbera Speed 12s are free to use them... those of you who Action Replayed your Cerbera Speed 12s are welcome to flog every wall on the course ;).

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