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Why Monday nights are good!


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Here's why Monday nights are good!


We all need our me time right!


Well MY time is Monday night! My girlfriend is great, but even the best relationships need separation. On Monday nights my GF has dance class for 3 hours, and often longer. This is the best time for guilt free gaming, internet surfing and time-a-wasting my way!


Let's see, it's 6:30 pm right now. I've caught up on all the gaming gossip here at LCVG. My Smirnoff Ices are settling in, and now I'm about ready to kick in to a couple of hours of BF1942. And if all goes well, I may even get in a round of Links before the woman rolls on in. Good times!


So, what's your time? When do you get to burn the mid-night oil gaming the night away, or take copious amounts of ?me time??

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I work 3 to 11pm Fridays to Tuesdays (Wed & Thur off) so I'm usually alone whenever I'm home (except during the day on weekends). I get home between 11:30 and 11:45pm (depending on traffic) and the wife and kids are either asleep or getting ready to. In the mornings after I drop the little one off at school, I'm alone again. While everyone's at school/work, I'm choosing between video games, internet browsing, DVDs and what's on my TiVo. So I get to do alot of each each week.


I have LOTS of me time. :green:

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Guest Bryan

After 9:00 p.m. ET -everyone in the house is usually asleep by then. I go to work at 6:00 a.m. so I usually allow myself two hours of fun. Friday and Saturday nights I stay up later, despite the fact that I know I will be pouring Froot Loops and watching cartoons at 6:00 a.m. Saturday and Sunday.

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Any weekday after 10 p.m., if I want it. (but usually watching time-shifted TV programs with the wife).


Weekends after midnight. We ususally have a hot date consisting of a rented movie while having drinks, then it's off to bed. I'm usually not sleepy after, uh, you know, so I'll leave my wife in blissful slumber and log on for games, either offline or on. (mostly online, lately)




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I work the overnight shift from 10pm to 7 am, and when I get home I stay up with my 4 year old son, while my wife works from 8 am - 5 pm. So I get pretty much all day to myself! I sleep from 5pm to 9pm, who needs sleep anyway, right :roll:


Only downside is that most people are working during the day and play online at night :bang:


On my two days off, I try spend it with me wife, if not catching up on some sleep, OK, even I need sleep :green:

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