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Devil May Cry 3 apparently in the works.

Romier S

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Recently I was reading reports about some motion capture being done for Devil May Cry 3. This of course shows that the game is indeed in development. I am curious what you folks think Capcom needs to do to bring the series back to form after that travesty that was the sequel.


Devil May Cry still remains one of my favorite action games this generation. With that loves comes a certain amount of hate because it has IMHO almost single handedly ruined any possibility of originallity in the 3rd person action genre until recently that is. There have been standouts in the genre of course but there have also been so many copycats and wannabe's (Devil May Cry 2 included) that you have to wonder where DMC3 will head.


What do you want to see for Dante's third adventure? Do we even need Dante in the third game, perhaps a new hero is in order? What kind of innovations or changes can Capcom make to Devil May Cry to distinguish itself now that so many other games have all but stolen every idea the game introduced?

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Since I am one of the few who thought the 1st DMC was very overrated (I hated it), it will take a whole revamoping of the series for me to be interested. I would like to see the action toned down a bit and maybe make it a bit more adventure like. After that, I'll probably still hate it. :)


Dante is a cool character, but he likes to cry. :)



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After leaving Trish out of 2 ( for which I am sure she is grateful after seeing what a stinker that one was ) I would like to see them do some back story work on her maybe ? Or even have her as the star of the 3rd one with a new story line.


DMC seemed to have it all for a casual gamer. Levels were not so hard I was screaming, (and the fact that I could choose a harder mode when I got better was nice too ) the graphics were nice and sleek, even Dante looked awesome. There was action all over the place, and I liked the controls.

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The first time I played DMC, parts of it were certainly difficult enough to make me scream (shadow dogs, Dante's father?? knight guy, some other places..). That is, on normal difficulty. From what I hear, easy mode definitely was easy. It was easier on repeat, but still hard. That's what I liked about it! I hope they learn from the DMC2 cakewalk and toughen it back up to DMC1 standards.

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I'm thinking what they need to do is keep Dante's coin from DMC2, but also give him an additional coin and let him flip both at once. Then, after he catches both coins(which are double sided btw), he can attempt to make a witty remark that will completely bomb, making him look like an ass in the process. GOTY 2006!!!



I don't think Devil May Cry needs to go through major changes to be good. The core formula works, it's the execution of it in DMC2 that sucked. Capcom just needs to put in the time to make sure DMC3 kicks ass. The boss fights need to be wild and innovative. Dante's moves need to be sicker than ever. And Dante needs to act like a badass instead of a coin flipping twat. I want to see him insulting 7 giant talking spiders simultaneously before killing them all. I hope they don't completely retool the mechanics and add adventure elements. I just want to see the beat-em-up to end all beat-em-ups and a legitimate attempt to take the throne back from Ninja Gaiden.

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