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Best bang for your buck for laptops


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I need a new laptop for work so I'm shopping around to see whats out there and have no clue what to get so I'm asking for help, my requirements aren't that large but I'd like at least something better than a p3.


I need:


WiFi connection

at least 256mb ram

40 gig hd - more is better

dvd/cd burner

graphics aren't important won't be playing any games(maybe solitaire ;) )


budget about $1600 Canadian





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I have a friend who is reseller for this company:




Thier notebooks are reliable and are quite well put together IMHO. I've actually been looking at getting this:http://www.sagernotebook.com/pages/noteboo...roductType=4780 though I have to pass it by the wife:) I don't know if they ship to Canada but if you're interested I can talk to my friend and see if we can hook you up with some discounts and we can arrange something shipping wise...

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Thanks a lot Romier I was just looking at the Sager notebooks, anything I buy I will need buy March 9th the latest(going on business for 5 weeks). If you could find anything out for me that would be great.


I was also looking at the centrino's because I heard the battery life is great, it would be mainly used for troubleshooting pos and pms software, so nothing to graphically intensive.


I appreciate the feedback.

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As usual, I have to say that this is contrary to everyone else's experiences with Dell, but:


I had a number of problems with my Inspiron 8000 laptop. The RAM was bad and it crashed frequently (running Win2k), usually in middle of something very, very important, like a presentation. I had to jump through hoops to get it fixed (I spent hours and hours on the phone).


I dislike the size very much. As a desktop replacement, the damn thing is HUGE and very, very heavy. You need to fly for only one business trip and you will start wishing for a reasonably-sized laptop.


Best bang for your buck for laptops


I wouldn't do it even if there was a laptop in it for me...

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You guys are to funny!! I think I'm going with the centrino, I'll be installing software in hotels and restaurants and they won't always be in the most ideal conditions(usually some type of construction going on) so having a longer battery life would definitely be a good thing.


What do you guys think of the compaq presario orToshiba satellite series?


remember my budget is about 1600 Canadian.

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One thing to consider no matter what laptop you get is check out what battery upgrades are available, it can make a huge difference. My wife's Compaq (1 GHz AMD I think) would get 1-2 hours of battery life. We bought the most advanced battery (on eBay for $60) available for her system and now she gets 6.5 hours to a charge. So don't be stingy with the battery you put in there, you definitely get what you pay for there.

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Well I bought my first laptop!!! its a Toshiba Satellite A40-1LR


P4 2.4 ghz

512 ram

wifi b/g

64mb video

40 gig hdd



it cost me 1600 and I'm pretty happy with it, from everything i read on the internet the toshibas are pretty sturdy. I'll be working in hotels and resorts mostly so I'm not to worried about working conditions

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