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New Links updates available

Bruce B

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Daryl Welsh announced it yesterday on the xbox forums



Here is the synopsis from him:


There is a new course download available now for all Links 2004 users (with Xbox Live). This course, ?The O.M. Director?s Cut,? is a special edition release of our fantasy course ?Ocean Mills Country Club.? It will be available world-wide at the same time at no charge.


This course was not part of our original release schedule and it will not affect the plans we have in place for the new courses coming out in the coming months. Over the last 5 months we?ve found that Links 2004 has a great community of players that meet and communicate at the Links-2004 forum on Xbox.com and they have been asking for a more challenging course. Well we?ve heard that feedback loud and clear and took the opportunity while working on this most recent Auto-Update to deliver a course that meets the need expressed by the community.


The goal we gave our course designers was to take the most challenging course in our lineup and make it even more difficult to score par or better without leaving the bounds of what is possible on a real life course. In our own play-testing we have all struggled to shoot par and we feel our designers hit their goal right on the mark.


In this ?Director?s Cut? release of Ocean Mill our designers have:


1) Moved and enlarged many of the bunkers on the course. You?ll find big nasty bunkers right where your drives use to land in some spots.


2) The fairways have been narrowed and the routings have been moved so players must plan for the optimal shot angles into the green for their approach shots.


3) We have spent a lot of effort to adjust the rough around the course. If you land in the rough you?ll probably cringe now, as we?ve made it very penal to hit out of the rough with this course.


4) We?ve also adjusted the slope of the greens and fairways. These have been significantly altered and keeping the ball on the fairway will be a challenge on some holes (especially hole #5). Learn to keep the ball below the hole on the greens if you want avoid 4 putts.


5) On top of all the above we?ve added almost 500 yards to the length of the course when played from the championship tees making some Par-5?s a true risk-reward when going for it in 2, in addition to requiring longer clubs for the approach shot on the Par-4?s.


This is by far the most challenging course the Links team has put out in 10+ years. We hope everyone enjoys this new course. The Links Development Team thanks each of you all for your continued support of our game.


This course is planned to be available on XSN Sports to start creating tournaments within 72 hrs (by 3/5/04).

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I love a challenge!


This should kill my already piss poor shooting average. :green:


It's nice that this course is free, after having paid for the last one. It would be easier to pay for courses if they continued to also offer free stuff. It would make you feel like they are working toward finding a happy medium between profit and customer loyalty.

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I don't know what they're talking about, "most challenging course" indeed. I shot a -5. Hmm, maybe they meant without unlimited mulligans. Damn, this new course is hard. Trees snatching my ball out of the air, grass growing at an alarming rate, sand creeping across the fairway, hills undulating like a belly dancer... One hole they barely touched was 16 (they lengthened the fairway before the dogleg, most of us won't be able to reach it in one, and the pin has moved to the right side of the green). That one was already enough of a bitch, I guess.

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I just got Link after the 29.99 price drop so I may be up for some gaming tonight. I don't think I'll make it online to Stell Battalion but my beginner self would love to partake in the Links craze. I'll have both downloadable maps when I get home by the way.


PS: Allen I love the new Carve avatar:)

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First round on the new course:


Championship Tees

Difficult Pins



No Mulligans





+10 :shock:


I got stuck in the woods on the first hole and took a few cracks at it before taking a drop. Ended up with a +6 on that one. This course is so hard all I could do is laugh when each hole came up. Every part of the course is sloped. When your ball lands its going to end up on one side or another. Greens are about the same way too. I landed in the woods enough to think I may be playing that deer hunting game.

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Well my first game went swell (considering I haven't spent much time with Links lately)

tees: Championship


Clear conditions

Pin Placement: Medium

Finished +7


Of course reality set it the next couple of rounds.

something like +18 & +23 respectively.



Tough course, but I enjoyed the challenge. My putting caught fire,.... in a bad way. I was down-right dreadful in the second two games.

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Daryl Welsh from the xbox forums announced that the following update will be available sometime tonight to address:


In this Auto-Update we fixed three things:


1) Posting of XSN Rounds back to back within a 30 min period would cause one of the rounds not to post.


2) Dollar amounts on the Xbox Live Leaderboards were being randomly reset, although Wins/Losses/Inc were being tracked correctly.


3) Viewing a saved shot would revert the current profile's skills and career progress to the point in time when the saved shot was saved.



All three of these were caused by code added for AU2 (the autoupdate released 3 weeks ago). For each of these our code reverted back to the retail version of the code that shipped back in November. We spent countless hours over the last three weeks verifying these fixes and making sure there were no other impacts across the game. We also had other test teams outside of our studio help test to further verify.

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3) Viewing a saved shot would revert the current profile's skills and career progress to the point in time when the saved shot was saved.

After downloading the new course and playing a single-player round, I went online and saw that my character had been reduced from 31 skill points to 4. My offline stats were correct and I had almost $2 million in my bank, which let me buy 30 skill points, though it erased around $40,000 I'd recently made. AT NO POINT DID I VIEW A SAVED SHOT! XSN is still broken.

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