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Web hosting -where?


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Just curious if anyone has any recommendations for web hosting companies? I'm looking for a cheap, easy to use, friendly to work with, and as much server space & bandwidth allowance as possible. Oh, and I'd like them to register my domain name for me (I'm assuming that's a standard service).

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I can recommend hostforweb. I have a "basic" account with them that I pay $100/year for (you can elect to pay $10/month, but the yearly is almost $2/mo less).


For that I get:


500MB space

50GB/mo. traffic

Unlimited email/password accounts

FTP access and accounts

3 additional domains


Here's the complete list of what you get. They also have a 100MB space 5GB traffic account for $5/mo.


One HUGE benefit is that they use SpamAssassin on their mail servers, which I have gushed about in the past, but it is the best anti-spam tool I've ever seen by a big margin.


They also have live IM support people, which I have had good results with, quick response. I've also used their email support with similar results.


My web server/email has been down for small amounts of time over the 2 years I've had an account. I would say this has happened 4 times in 2 years, usually for less than 2 hours. One time I think it was down for longer, maybe 6 hours overnight.


They also have a pretty nice control panel that lets you configure your stuff, look at web logs, etc. They have a demo of it here

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you should really figure out what tools you'll need in the future b4 picking your host. If it's a small html site that you plan to maintain it won't matter much, but if you want to run any software you need to realize that it's very likely server specific.


How often you want/need backups, and how long it would take for a restore might also be a question you want to ask. :tu:

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