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PSP to feature connectivity with PS2 and PSX

Romier S

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Here is the story at Gamespot:




Takeno also hinted that the rumors that games could be transferred from the PS2 to the PSP. "For each location there is a suitable piece of hardware," he said, "the PS2 in one room, the PSX in another, and the PSP outside the home. The same game can be played by the gamer depending on where you are. This is how playing and designing a game will change."


Another quote:


"Taking advantage of the PSP's UMD, I want to create games that go beyond the existing concept, to break out of the existing model, and combine the game experience with music and movies."


Combining the game experience with music and movies? Devil May Cry 3 featuring music by P. Diddy? Trailer for the latest Columbia Tri-Star DVD on Ratchet and Clank 3? :thud:

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I agree with Mark. No big surprise there... as we're both Nintendo fans.


I don't want a portable device that can play movies, games, and music. Just give me a gaming machine.


I honestly don't mind if I have to leave my MP3 player in my car if I want to carry my GBA around with me.



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