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Upgrading to DSL


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I just placed my order with Cavtel.com and hope to be getting my DSL modem in 4 weeks. :roll: The extreme delay aside, Phone service + internet will end up costing me $50/mo + taxes, right now I'm paying around $70.00.


The big plus is my upload speed isn't capped and can be upto 960kbs, that's more then triple what comcast let's me have. I did some research and I think I'll actually be in 800kbs up and down.


Well at worst I wasted $10 for the modem delivery charge, at best I'm saving $20/mo and can finally host an xbox live game. :tu:


If all goes well, expect to see a linksys cable modem in the f/s forum in about a month. :P

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DSL is a solid choice for broadband. A lot of people will tell you that cable is so much better, etc, so on and so forth...and it probably is, but still, DSL is a good choice. My personal favorite is a guy back over in AGVX who said "After getting cable internet, I'll never go back to DSL!". Yeah.....because it's just such a shitty service... :P


Depending on your connection, you can usually host up to about 6 to 8 people. 10 and above, is usually right out...which isn't too bad, but is kind of a downer for games like UC. All in all, you'll be happy with it... :)



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I've had DSL for five years (!). I get (actual) 700k down and 320k up.


My friends (cable) and I have done extensive testing. Some times of the day they get twice the bandwidth as me. Some times of day they get slightly less bandwidth than me. Pinging xbox.com, my latency is more consistent and my packet loss is lower.


Cable is not always better, it just depends on your provider and what your needs are. If I were leeching huge 'binaries', I'd be on cable.

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You may miss the 3Mbps from Comcast but you'll love the upload especially for Live. With 800 up and low latency you should be able to host any game with the max number of people possible.


Cable and DSL both have their pro's and con's. It's hard to compare them in general because the performance and quality will vary from one place to another.

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Originally posted by Beer Monkey@Mar 4 2004, 03:55 PM

Hmmm, according to my ISP page they have now bumped everybody up to 3mbit down, 768 up. Time to go home and run some dslreports.com tests.


Thank you Road Runner, for the competition. :)

I would've stuck w/ comcast if they offered those speeds. :x

In researching the dsl service I just ordered I came across http://phonom.com/plans/ who offer upto 8mb downstream with phone service for only $65/mo :shock:

The 8mb is a bit unrealistic, but with my loop length I'd probably get in the 4mb downstream range while keeping the 800k up. :tu:


Just some more options to look into I guess. I vpn into the office 3 days a week so a fast connection is really important to me.

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Wow, my DSL speed really went up after the upgrade.


2004-03-06 18:54:42 EST: 2415 / 638

Your download speed : 2415102 bps, or 2415 kbps.

A 294.8 KB/sec transfer rate.

Your upload speed : 638365 bps, or 638 kbps.


I'm a happy camper.



Here is my friend's RoadRunner speed from this afternoon:


2004-03-06 16:03:22 EST: 1363 / 363

Your download speed : 1363044 bps, or 1363 kbps.

A 166.3 KB/sec transfer rate.

Your upload speed : 363405 bps, or 363 kbps

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