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Lineage II beta

Romier S

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For those interested in joining the Lineage II beta you can preorder the game at any local EB and get a preorder box with a key that lets you right into the beta. Same thing goes for fans wanting to get into the City of Heroes beta test. Anyway heres the Lineage II site for those interested:




Dont want to give any impressions as of yet since I still have much left to explore but here is a screenshot to whet your appetite. I did run into 2 crash bugs right off that bat that I reported (both occurred after speaking to certain NPC's and I was able to duplicate the problem). Anywho here is the screenie:






Dark Elven women are quite "fit" if you know what I mean. The game is running on the Unreal II engine believe it or not. Runs very very smooth on my rig and the screenshot is using 2XAA and 4XAF at 1280X1024/32-bit color. I'll have more as I continue to play.

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Just a reminder to beta testers: CYA! Review any non-disclosure terms of your beta test participation before posting.


No worries there Monkey. The game has been in beta in Korea and other countries for awhile. There has been no NDA announced for the North American beta test as of yet so we're all good. ;)


I'll post impressions a little later for you SmashingBlue.

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I've never played Everquest, so I can't speak to that.


I started a Dark Elf character and found out pretty quickly that the games quests are not really implemented yet.


Also, it seems to take forever to get to the main cities that you need to go to to get to the actually available quests.


I'm going to spend a bit more time with it tonight and see if I can get to any quests. At this point, all I've been doing is slaying wolves and Gremlins.



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