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Star Wars Mod for Battlefield 1942


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I had heard rumor of this, but this is the first evidence I've had of it. I'm more excited about this than most of the new games coming out.

This might actually get a buddy of mine to upgrade his computer in order to run it. Between this and KOTOR for PC I'm sure he'll be spending some money on new hardware quite soon.

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I downloaded the mod and the patch I havent tried it yet, wasnt able to get into a game, only one map available right now, and no single player is a thumbs down for now even though two more maps will be released, I like to play BF offline as well as Online.

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After reading the forums for the mod it seems they are having some trouble with the AT-AT's walking. DICE/EA have yet to release an official SDK and without that the mod team lacks the tools to do it convincingly. They aren't really happy with the AT-ST's walk either, but it was good enough for release.


It sounds as if the next release will bring two more maps with some appropriate vehicles. I'm looking forward to seeing how this mod turns out. Even with its current limitations and flaws it's a great first start and a lot of fun to play.

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Version .1c was just released:


Galactic Battlegrounds 0.1c


Here are the list of changes from the website. Looks like some good modifications. I just might have to jump online this weekend and give it a try.



removed unnecessary artillery target icons from several player-controlled objects

standardized, improved, and added new minimap icons

tidied up the weapon/ammo icons and indicators



allows GCMOD to work with BF 1.45 patch

jerky handling of lower Millenium Falcon turret fixed

fixed the positioning of the in-seat player models of the Millenium Falcon pilot and door operator

fixed Bacta Tank not working as a player-controlled object in multiplayer games

fixed sound bugs when both front and rear Snow Speeder guns were firing

fixed sound bug with ATST side laser playing to slowly

Probe Droid is now no longer able to be entered after the initial pilot exits it

all vehicle dammage effects (smoke and fire plumes) overhauled - correct timings, positions, etc

assigned correct footstep sounds to all materials that were previously had the wrong sounds

Fragnade Posistioning

TieBomber bombs not doing direct damage



all laser speeds increased and overheating thresholds tweaked

all handweapon laser speeds increased

flak-effect added to all stationary guns, ATST lasers, Millenium Falcon turrets, and Snow Speeder rear gun

handling and performance of the AP and AV turrets improved

Probe Droid sounds improved and added to

Probe Droid now takes 120 seconds (2 mins) to respawn

increased the distance the Tie Fighter can be heard from

Increased sniper rifle accuracy

increased Accuracy For Both Heavy Infantry Rifles

Decreased Accuracy For Light Infantry Rifles

Increased ATST Health By 66%

Lowered flechette damage against infantry and the millenium falcon

Flechette MagSize Reduced To 4 From 6

Flechette NumberOfMags Increased To 3 From 2

Millenium Falcon Now Has 200% More Health

Modified Colision System For All Vehicles So They Dont Take As Much Colision Damage

Millenium Falcon Now Takes Appriopiate Colision Damage According To Its Size And Weight

Reduced wobble when ATST is walking

EWEB viewpoint improved

Flechette reloads slower

Flechette zoom decreased

Millenium Falcon turrets jerky movement fixed

Tie Bomber now has laser

Millenium Falcon door now starts off in the open position

EWEB now has skin

Flechette now much less accurate when running/standing




Millenium Falcon now has pilot-controlled Conc missiles

new muzzle effects for the AP and AV turrets

new sounds for the AP and AV turrets

added muzzle effect to the ATST side laser

created new sounds for snow footsteps

removed parachutes

Completely Redesigned HUD

Cryoban grenade (Imperial Grenade) now has all new sounds and effects


We have also given the damage system a overhaul.

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Version .2 finally released.


From the change log:



- ATST - Changes include: One new position, new cockpit models

- ATST(desert version)

- EchoTrolly

- Landspeeder - Changes include improoved skin and code.

- Landspeeder (Modified with an added eweb in passenger position)

- MouseDroid

- R2D2 (droid)

- R5D4 (Rebel droid)

- R5D4 (Imperial droid)

- Speederbike

- Tramcar

- Uplift



- Nebulon-B Frigate

- Carrack Cruiser

- Awing

- Cloud Bus

- Cloudcar

- EscapePod (Rebel blockade Runner version)

- EscapePod (Imperal Lancer frigate version)

- Lambda Shuttle

- Lancer Frigate

- Millenium Falcon - Improved code and health

- ProbeDroid - Improved code

- Rebel Blockade Runner

- Sail Barge

- Skiff

- Slave 1

- Snowspeeder - Improved code, added flaps

- T-16 Skyhopper

- TieAdvanced

- TieBomber - Improved code

- TieFighter - Improved code

- TieInterceptor

- Y-Wing

- X-Wing



- APTurret - Cockpit model added

- AVTurret

- BactaTank

- TurboLaser

- SuperbTurboLaser


Hand Weapons

- A295

- Concussion Grenade

- Cryoban

- DH-17

- DL-44

- Dressilan Rifle

- E-11

- E-11 Sniper

- Exp Pack

- Flechette

- Fragnade

- Kylan

- Landmine

- PLX-2M

- Razor

- Speeder Pistol

- TL-21

- Tracker 16

- Vibro Blade



- Binoculars

- MedPack

- Hydrospanner (repair pack)



- Many player models added

- A completly new Damage system


- New loading screens and loading bar

- Custom Skyboxes

- Engine effects added

- Explosion effects added

- New Echo base model and hoth facelift




GC_Beggers Canyon









I'm downloading now, but it's going very very slow.

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The mod is good for a laugh. There are still bugs a plenty and some vehicle handling is brutal, but hey at least there's more than one map now :)

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