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Bit Torrent problem...


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I decided to give Bit Torrent a try for large file downloading, but I'm hitting a snag.


Every time I start to download a .torrent file, I can tell the normal download dialogue box pops, but then immediately above it I get a message that says:


"access to the specified device, path, of file is denied." It never lets me choose the folder in which to place the file.


The file in question is in my temporary internet file directory (the one you specify in Internet Explorer. I have no problems downloading normal (non .torrent) files.


Any ideas on how to fix this? Google isn't my friend for this solution.


Would also appreciate a good recommendation on some of the better sites for .torrent files, for whenever I finally get this working.



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I'll take a look at torrentstorm at some point, but the few times I've tried bittorrent it runs fine for about 20 seconds, and then the download dries up completely. I've yet to upload a single byte according to the upload meter, so I suspect that is why my download is drying up. As its the one program that seems to be incapable of making it past the router I don't see why, though.

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I recently switched to Azureus from Shadow and have been extremely pleases with it, it just feels like an actual program compared to what I've used in the past. It's got good config options for queuing and restricting uploads if needed. It lets you know what it's doing at all times, and you have complete control over what files you want from a torrent and can set priorities. And my speeds almost always seem better to boot.


Torrentstorm looks to have much of the same features, but from looking at the screenshots, Azureus seems to be a bit nicer overall.

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I recently switched to Azureus from Shadow and have been extremely pleases with it


It's a buggy piece of crap that can cause problems with the data you're uploading to other people, especially if you're seeding. I'd avoid, personally.


I use Shadow's "experimental client" without any real problems. I usually right click/save as any torrents I'm interested in, just so I don't lose the links.

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